Friday, February 26, 2010

Legitimate Free Chinese Music Downloads!

So a few years ago while in Hong Kong I discovered a website called this place is amazing!!

With this site you can download unlimited amounts of Chinese and other popular music for free... legally! No way right? Yes way son! However there is a catch, the site only allows ip-address from china to actually download and listen to the music. What if you are not in china but want to use this wonderful resource? Just use a proxy that is based in china!
It may be troublesome to find a good proxy that is in china since a lot of the Chinese actually want proxies outside of china to bypass government censorship...but don't lose hope there are still proxies in china that we can use :)

What you have to do:
(I recommend doing all this with firefox because it is easy to turn the proxy on and off)
Get latest version of firefox here: download
  1. Find a China based http proxy -
  2. Configure your browser (see below).
  3. Navigate to
  4. Download away!
Configuring your browser to use the http proxy (assuming firefox):
  1. Tools>Options>Advanced>Network tab
  2. Under connection choose "Settings"
  3. Choose "Manual Proxy Configuration"
  4. In the http box paste/type in the proxy ip you want to use
  5. In the port box enter the proxy's port.
  6. Press "OK"
  7. Done :)
Now when you choose to download some music at the site will think that your accessing the site in the country of china.

Have fun!

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