Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blogger wants your Flickr ID

When creating this blog I wanted to use the slideshow gadget to use my flickr photostream but I couldn't figure out what blogger wanted as my flickr username.

What blogger doesn't want as a username:
  • The screen name you chose during flickr account creation (the name following "Signed in as")
  • The email you used for your account.
What blogger does want as a username:
  • Your Flickr ID
How do you find out what your Flickr ID is?
When you log into flickr right click one of the photos in your photostream and select "Copy link location". When you paste the link you copied you should have something that looks like this:
(Let # represent numbers)

Your Flickr ID is the bold part of that URL. i.e.: ########@N## 


You can use this nifty tool by Adam Lewis that uses Flickr's API to find your Flickr ID

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  1. hey man, ur smart u ripped from the Milestone, I was looking for this for over 2 weeks, cause I bought the Milestone in Toronto, does not come with any hand writing ! well, ru in HK ? good man, THX !!!!!! my email is Mark.