Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chinese IME on CyanogenMod and Donut Roms.

So we know that the android market has various IME apps that you can use but none of which I've had much liking toward. Recently Motorola's Chinese IME was ripped from the Milestone. I had some doubts at first on whether this IME would force close like the last one that was shipped with G1's prior to Donut. So I did some testing and to my amazement this works almost flawlessly! The only downside is that if you get a slight performance drops-as to be expected.

So here's how you do it:

1. Download this archive that has 4 apks within: MotoCIME | Mirror
2. Extract the archive into a folder with winRar or something similar.

You should now have:
  • com.motorola.inputmethod.motosmarthandwriting.apk
  • com.motorola.inputmethod.latin.apk
  • com.motorola.inputmethod.gpinyin.apk
  • com.motorola.inputmethod.entry.apk
3. Copy these 4 apks onto your phone's mircoSD card.
4. Navigate your phone to Settings>Applications
5. Check the "Unknown sources" box and press ok to the attention message that pops up.
6. Install the 4 apks using package installer.
7. Optional(I think) Restart your phone (I did).
8. Navigate your phone to Settings>Locale & text and check the "Moto input method" box.
9. Done!

To use this, long-press the input area and select "Input method" and choose "Moto Input".


  1. Nice, thanks.... only complaint is it seems VERY sensitive to stroke order and accurate drawing for the handwriting... I had to try five times just to type 人 using the handwriting.

  2. You're welcome - I'm glad it works for you :]

  3. the download link doesn't work anymore. Any chance for a new one?

  4. I've just tested the merdiafire link it is still working. I'll upload it to another mirror later today.

  5. thank you very much, it works except there is a dotted box with *#+ on top of the "send" button, any idea how to remove that?

  6. I installed on my HTC Desire but won't work... is it this one just for Android 1.6 not 2.1? It shows in the selection but won't switch...

  7. Thanks, worked for me on my Motorola Cliq. The only step for me wasn't clear was "package installer" At least on my Cliq there were no Package Installer. What I found on another site was that I need to download "Apps Installer" via Android's Market (on my phone) and then use it to install the 4 apks. And yes, I had to install all 4 apks before the OS recognized it.

  8. Im glad things are working out for you guys

  9. Ever since the Android 2.2 update, this input keyboard has not been able to open. I've been upset about it since this was definitely the best Chinese handwriting input method. Do you know if there is a Moto-Input update that is 2.2 compatible?